A village of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of West Berkshire

St Denys’ Restoration Appeal

Celebrating its history while securing its future.

Stanford Dingley parishioners are fortunate to be the current custodians of St Denys’ Church. The grade 1 listed building is one of the oldest churches in Berkshire and has been the focal point of village life in Stanford Dingley for over 1,000 years.

Today’s church is of Saxon origin, with later additions and a Norman font at its centre. During Cromwell’s time the original medieval murals were plastered over. After an attempt during the Victorian era to rediscover these paintings, recent conservation has revealed more of these fragments of history.

To secure the church for the next generation we need to raise approximately £200,000 for essential restoration and renovation works. For Stanford Dingley, with a population of less than 200, this project is a major undertaking.

The Friends ambition is to raise awareness of the Church of St Denys’ through fundraising events and donations that will help preserve the building.

The Friends of St Denys’ has set out to wake up 1000 years of history.

Please donate and join our mailing list for event news. You can also fill out the Gift Aid form on the back of this flyer to help us gain an extra 25% on all your donations.

For more information email – friendsofstdenys@gmail.com 

How to Donate:

Please email us for a Gift Aid form that will enable us to gain an extra 25% on your donation

A one-off donation

By cheque:

Made out to – The Friends of St Denys’.

Please give (along with gift aid form) to a committee member or post to – The Friends of St Denys’, Manor Farm, Stanford Dingley, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 6LS

Bank Transfer:

To account – Friends of St Denys’,

Sort code – 40-35-34, Account number – 24074297

Regular donations

Standing Order:

If you would like to donate regularly, please contact your bank directly, in person, by telephone or via online banking.

Confirm with them you would like to make a regular monthly, quarterly or annual payment by Standing Order to

Friends of St Denys

Account number – 24074297 Sort code – 40-35-34.

HSBC, 65 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3HY



Constitution: The Friends of St Denys’ is an independent charity set up to raise funds to preserve the fabric of the building. It is not associated to the Parochial Church Council nor any religious organisation and does not contribute towards the running costs of the church. The Friends of St Denys’ is bound by its constitution to only fund conservation projects which aid the preservation of the Church of St Denys’.

Committee Members: Holly Lombardo – Chair, Anne Payton – Trustee, Andy MacKenzie – Trustee, Livvy Kennedy – Board Member, Candida Kennedy – Board Member, Peter Trentham – Board Member